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The Gift Service 4th December 2016

The Gift Service

On Sunday 4th December, St. Peter’s held the annual gift service in the morning. After the lighting of the second Advent Candle members of the congregation placed their gifts for local children at the front of the church. More than fifty gifts were donated. Later that week the gifts were taken to the Children’s Centre in Pershore. The gifts will be delivered to families in the Evesham area by the area Children’s Centre. This is only possible by combining the help of » Read more

Choir News

John Buxton, chorister

You sometimes hear about someone doing something “man and boy” and John is one such person. On Sunday 10th April 2016 John celebrated singing with St. Peter’s choir for 70 years. Apparently, he volunteered for the choir during Lent but the choir master at the time said it was a hard time to join, because the choir was in the middle of learning music for Palm » Read more

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